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Lie Detector/Polygraph Services

We strive to obtain the facts for each of our clients with discretion and confidentiality in mind. Contact us today and see what one of our polygraphers can do for you.

Hamre Polygraph & Investigative services is the premier provider of lie detector / polygraph services in the Seattle area. We serve a large area from Bellingham to Vancouver, WA. Our goal is to provide efficient, effective service to our clients while maintaining their privacy. Our polygraph examiner is one of the best in the business. We want our valued customers to be satisfied with the results so our quality standards are high. Our dedicated team is ready to take your case.

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Criminal, Civil, and Domestic/Personal Case Polygraphs

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Criminal Cases

Spousal Infidelity

Sexual Deviance 
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Child Abuse

Immigration and Asylum Seekers


Law Enforcement Consulting

Second Opinion

Expert Witness Testimony

At times, a criminal investigation requires a polygraph test. Lie detector tests measure heart rate/blood pressure, respiration, and skin conductivity to determine if an individual is being truthful or deceptive. Control questions are asked to establish a base reaction from the individual before moving into the real questions needing to be asked.

In a criminal case, an individual may be asked to take a polygraph test to further an investigation, admit guilt or prove innocence, or many other reasons. In personal/domestic cases, an individual may be asked to take a polygraph test to prove innocence in cheating on a spouse, marital issues, child abuse, sexual deviancy, theft, and many more situations.

Hamre Polygraph & Investigative handles each polygraph test with professionalism and confidentiality. Our certified polygraph examiner is well-trained with 30+ years of experience and available 24/7 to complete polygraph tests.
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