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Hamre Pi private investigations and locating missing persons in Seattle and beyond

Private investigation, polygraphs, locating people or property, and serving paperwork throughout the Pacific Northwest

Hamre PI is one of the leading private investigation and polygraph firms in Washington State. Our team is here to listen to your story and provide advice on how we can help you move forward with your individual situation. We've helped countless families and individuals find lost relatives, get answers to their suspicions, find missing and stolen property, and so much more. Each of our polygraphs and investigations are completely discreet and within the comfort level of our clients to ensure the safety and security of each of our clients.
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Our clients

Private citizens

Anyone can use our services. We offer investigation, lie detector tests, location of property, location of missing persons, serving paperwork, and so much more.

Attorneys & Police

Attorneys and police investigations frequently use our services to find individuals, uncover evidence, complete polygraph tests, and testify in trials.


We can even help businesses that experience theft and fraud, insurance claims, embezzlement, corporate espionage, and more to get the answers they need.
Finding the truth 24/7

Client Reviews

  • Polygraph lie detector client review avatar
    Jason D.
    Polygraph client

    Hamre PI saved my marriage with a lie detector test. I'm so glad I trusted them to help me prove my innocence.

  • private investigation client review avatar
    Jeffrey F.
    Stolen property client

    My work van, along with my construction equipment inside, was stolen from outside my business. Steve helped me find the guy who did it and I got most of my equipment back. I highly recommend using Hamre PI for any of your private investigation needs.

  • client review avatar
    Debra J.
    Locate distant relative client

    I couldn't believe he was able to find my real dad. Now my father and I are finally building a relationship. Best decision I ever made.

  • client review avatar
    Sandra m.
    Serving papers client

    I'm really glad I chose Hamre PI. I didn't have anyone who could serve my divorce papers to my ex. They sent a guy to my ex's place to serve the papers and it went off without a hitch.

Reunite with loved ones

We've helped countless families find their missing relatives. Whether they wandered away from caretakers or moved away long ago, Hamre PI can help track down missing persons, distant relatives, biological parents or children, and old friends.
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Our process

Each case at Hamre PI is unique and brings its own challenges. The process below is a general outline of what an investigation looks like. Find more detailed information about our investigative process.

Private & confidential chat

to understand your unique situation.


for an actionable plan moving forward.

The Investigation

to understand your situation.

Report on Findings

to give you the answers you need.


What is a private investigator?

Private investigators (also known as private detectives and private eyes) are licensed professionals who discreetly collect evidence and perform research to discover information for their clients. Private investigators can work for private citizens, businesses, law enforcement, and attorneys and can be useful for many cases such as spousal infidelity, child custody, theft, missing persons, fraud, serving subpoenas, and much more.

What do private investigators do?

Private investigators perform a wide variety of services including searches, surveillance, serving subpoenas, taking statements, testifying in court, and more.  Our clients often hire our private investigators to investigate cheating spouses, corporate or insurance fraud, child abuse, child custody, worker's compensation claims, and so much more.

What is the difference between surveillance and investigation?

Surveillance includes following, observing, and collecting information about a person, business, or place without the subject knowing. Investigations can include surveillance and can also include interacting undercover with the subject to gain more information. The goal of surveillance is to discreetly collect evidence, whereas the goal of an investigation may be to obtain confessions of guilt or catch the subject in wrongdoing.

Are private investigators licensed?

Yes, all private investigators in the State of Washington must obtain a license to operate within the state.

What is a polygraph test?

A polygraph test (also known as a lie detector test) is a test that measures physiological stress indicators in response to answering questions. Polygraph tests are used by private citizens, law enforcement, and employers to get a general idea if someone may be truthful or deceptive when answering a pre-set series of questions. Polygraph tests have multitude of uses including but not limited to interrogations, screening new employees, spousal infidelity, and divorce.

How does a polygraph work?

A polygraph works by recording stress indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject answers a series of questions. For most test subjects, physiological reactions while answering either point to deceptive or non-deceptive answers.

Do you suspect infidelity?

Infidelity is a tough issue in relationships. Get the answers you need with a polygraph test (lie detector test). Our services are private and discreet and can be completed in the client's home.
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Serving clients internationally

While we are located in Washington, our cases regularly cross state lines, borders, and require air travel. We serve clients throughout the USA and our private investigators can travel internationally.

About us

Confidential Investigation & Polygraph Testing for over 30 years

For over 3 decades, Hamre PI has provided professional polygraph and investigative services to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our investigators have experience working with criminal cases, missing persons, spousal infidelity, missing and stolen property, and so much more. Each of our services are safe and confidential for our clients and our investigators are trained to handle cases professionally and with attention to detail.
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Hamre Pi private investigations and locating missing persons in Seattle and beyond
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