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Hamre Pi private investigations and locating missing persons in Seattle and beyond

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Our team of experienced professionals are equipped to handle all of your process serving needs with discretion, efficiency, and professionalism.

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Whether you need legal documents served to an individual, a business, or a public entity, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Our process servers have extensive knowledge of the legal system, and understand the sensitive nature of the work they perform. We work diligently to ensure that all documents are served in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

At Hamre PI, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional service, and our process serving services are no exception. We understand that the success of your legal case may depend on the timely and accurate service of your documents, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your documents are served according to the letter of the law.

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Our approach

First and foremost, we begin by taking the time to understand your unique legal situation and the specific needs of your case. This allows us to tailor our approach to the specifics of your case and ensure that your documents are served in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Next, we carefully review and assess the information provided to us, including any available information about the individuals or entities being served. This helps us to identify the most effective methods for serving the documents, and to anticipate and plan for any potential obstacles or challenges that may arise.

Throughout the process, we remain in constant communication with our clients, providing regular updates and ensuring that they are kept informed about the status of their case.

Our team of experienced process servers are equipped to handle all types of legal document serving, including subpoenas, summons, complaints, and other legal notices. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, discretion, and commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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Hamre PI serving paperwork in Kirkland, Bellevue, and Seattle

Types of legal paperwork we serve

Our legal paperwork serving services include:


A subpoena is a legal document that requires an individual to appear in court, provide testimony, or produce evidence. Our team of process servers are experienced in serving all types of subpoenas, including witness subpoenas, subpoena duces tecum, and more.

Summons and complaints

summons and complaint is a legal document that initiates a lawsuit and notifies the defendant of the pending legal action against them. Our team can serve these documents to individuals or businesses, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Restraining orders and protection orders

Restraining orders and protection orders are legal documents that are designed to protect an individual from harm, typically in cases of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. Our team can serve these documents and ensure that the person being served is aware of the terms and conditions of the order.

Eviction notices

An eviction notice is a legal document that notifies a tenant that they must vacate a property. Our team can serve these notices to tenants, landlords, or property managers, in compliance with all applicable state and local laws.


What is legal paperwork, and why is it served?

Legal paperwork is any document that is required by law to be served to another party to initiate or continue legal proceedings. It includes summonses, subpoenas, complaints, and other legal notices.

What is the process for serving legal paperwork?

The process for serving legal paperwork varies depending on the type of document and the jurisdiction where it is being served. Generally, the document must be delivered to the person or entity named in the document by a third party who is authorized to serve it, such as a process server or a sheriff.

Who can serve legal paperwork?

In most cases, legal paperwork must be served by a third-party who is not involved in the case. This can be a professional process server, a sheriff, or a private investigator. In some cases, a friend or relative may be allowed to serve the paperwork, but this is not recommended.

What if the person named in the legal paperwork cannot be found?

If the person named in the legal paperwork cannot be found, the server will usually make several attempts to locate them before the paperwork can be considered "served." If the person cannot be found after a reasonable amount of time, the server may be required to follow alternative methods, such as publication or posting.

What happens after the paperwork is served?

Once the legal paperwork has been properly served, the person who served it must file a proof of service with the court. This document verifies that the paperwork has been delivered and can be used to proceed with the legal case.

How can I ensure that legal paperwork is served correctly?

To ensure that legal paperwork is served correctly, it is important to work with a reputable process serving company or private investigator who is experienced in serving legal documents. They can help you navigate the complex legal requirements and ensure that the paperwork is delivered in a timely and professional manner.

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If you need legal documents served, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our team is standing by to assist you with all of your process serving needs.

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Client Reviews

  • Polygraph lie detector client review avatar
    Jason D.
    Polygraph client

    Hamre PI saved my marriage with a lie detector test. I'm so glad I trusted them to help me prove my innocence.

  • private investigation client review avatar
    Jeffrey F.
    Stolen property client

    My work van, along with my construction equipment inside, was stolen from outside my business. Steve helped me find the guy who did it and I got most of my equipment back. I highly recommend using Hamre PI for any of your private investigation needs.

  • client review avatar
    Debra J.
    Locate distant relative client

    I couldn't believe he was able to find my real dad. Now my father and I are finally building a relationship. Best decision I ever made.

  • client review avatar
    Sandra m.
    Serving papers client

    I'm really glad I chose Hamre PI. I didn't have anyone who could serve my divorce papers to my ex. They sent a guy to my ex's place to serve the papers and it went off without a hitch.

Hamre Pi private investigations and locating missing persons in Seattle and beyond
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