Locate A Person Or Property

Locate A Person Or Property

Our investigative team is trained to locate missing persons, distant relatives, spouses, loved ones, property, and more. They also locate individuals to serve subpoenas and court
 documents and research land ownership.

Hamre Polygraph & Investigative services is the premier provider of private investigator services in the Seattle area. We serve a large area from Bellingham to Vancouver, WA. Our goal is to provide efficient, effective service to our clients while maintaining their privacy. Our private investigators are experienced in locating missing persons and other individuals for many situations. We want our valued customers to be satisfied with the results so our quality standards are high. Our dedicated team is ready to take your case.

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Locate Missing Persons & Property

Lost relatives/spouses/
loved ones

Locate stolen property (vehicles, boats/vessels, planes)

Serve subpoenas/court documents/legal papers

Locate witnesses (crime, car accidents, personal injury, insurance beneficiaries)

Real Estate/Land Ownership

Whether you’re the victim of a serious crime, have a missing loved one, have been robbed, need to serve someone legal papers, or have been in a motor vehicle accident, we can help you resolve these sometimes tragic, unforeseen legal matters. We handle each case in an effective and efficient manner with confidential, professional services. We specialize in locating missing persons, spouses, distant relatives, loved ones, adopted children, and more.

We understand that your situation may be difficult to go through and have experience dealing with emotionally charged cases, like locating a missing family member, loved one, or a parent for child support. The emotional stress can be overwhelming and we handle each case with the utmost respect to make the experience easier on our clients.

We make each case as important to us as it is to you, providing our clients with the best results from our investigations as possible. Therefore we use effective technology, techniques, and confidential sources to obtain these goals.

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